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Below you'll find some of the presentation/writings I've done over the years. I also ramble at my blog whenever I have the time.


For a list of scientific talks/presentations, check out my old NR homepage.

"VoIP using SIP" - guest lecture for the master course "INF5050 - Protocols and routing in the internet" UiO held 2014-2016, and "ITF20205 - Datakommunikasjon" HiØ 2016-2017. Download the slides here (3.7MB, pdf).

"How to make delicious fortified wine" (2010) - My wife and I are brewing fortified wine. We do everything ourselves; we pick various berries, prepare and tap on bottles. Read more here (8.4MB, Norwegian).

"RHEL5 SELinux: A benchmark" - I did some benchmarking of SELinux on RHEL5 (2007). You can find the results here. The presentations can be found here (UiO) and here (Linpro).

"SELinux - MAC on Linux" - On Linuxdagen 2007 I held a presentation about SELinux. SELinux enforces mandatory access control (MAC) instead of the ordinary discretionary access control (DAC) on UNIX/Linux. The presentation can be found here (Norwegian).

"Wireless Security - 802.11i" - a presentation I held about the new wireless security standard 802.11i on Thales in 2004. Keywords include WEP, TKIP, CCMP, 802.1X, WPA, RSN. Handout (PDF) can be found here here. An updated presentation I held at Linpro (2005) can be found here.

"Intrusion Detection" - a intrusion detection presentation I held as part of my masters autumn 2003. Full title:'Technologies for detecting anomalous behavior in distributed systems'. You may read the supporting literature here, or get the handouts: 1 pr. page (500k) or 4 pr. page (5.5M).

"INSC - task 6". Summer 2003, I worked at Thales to implement a working prototype of INSC "task 6 mobility". Using Linux with mobile IPv6 and OLSR (IPv6). A short presentation can be found (771k PDF) here.

"Bluetooth / 802.15 (WPAN)". A short presentation I held together with Andreas Tønnesen summer 2003 when we worked at Thales Communications. The handout is available here (852k PDF Norwegian).

"Escaping the claws of Microsoft" - a master-course lecture in Political Science I held spring 2003. You'll find the handouts here (PDF Norwegian): 1 pr. page (1.6MB) or 6 pr. page (624k). You might also read some supporting litterature.

"Linux - a basic introduction to unix". A two-days lecture I held summer 2001 to technical support at Telenor Internett Kundeservice. You can download the handout here: day one (1.4MB PDF Norwegian).

Linux HOWTOs

I wrote and maintained some Linux HOWTOs. They are currently unmaintained. If you want to take over the maintenance, drop me an email.

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