Lars Strand


PhD (2007-2011)

Title: "Advancement towards secure authentication in the Session Initiation Protocol"

My thesis contributed by offering advanced mechanisms for authentication in the Session Initiation Protocol. The overall goal of the research was to exploit how identity and authentication are handled in SIP, point out weaknesses, threats and attacks, and try to replace or enhance the currently used authentication mechanisms in such a way that the authentication service becomes more secure.

You can view a copy of my old NR homepage here.

Master Thesis (2003-2004)

I wrote my master thesis for FFI (Norwegian Defence Research Establishment) under the supervision of Geir Hallingstad (FFI) and Hans Petter Langtangen (UiO, Simula research laboratory). It was finished 1. November 2004.

Title:"Adaptive distributed firewall using intrusion detection" (1.2MB PDF).

I also took a special course (2vkt) in intrusion detection: "Technologies for detecting anomalous behaviour in distributed systems"

Minor degree in Philosophy of Ethics (1997-2002)

I've also taken a minor degree in philosophy, were I wrote about buddhist ethics. I investigated whether we could interpret buddhist ethics in terms of a traditional western consequentialism. You can read my paper here (PDF, Norwegian). I also made a 'mind-map' (PDF, Norwegian) of some buddhist terms.

Maybe you also find this useful if you're reading logic. It lists the rules of natural deduction.

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